Friday, May 29, 2009

clandestine sushi + BYOB

My NYC pal BT, a girl of way too many social networks to count, alerted me to this great website. It's kind of like DailyCandy, but geared towards the male psyche. While I clearly wear enough pink to showcase my overflowing femininity, DailyCandy sometimes fails to cut the cake for me. UrbanDaddy, however, always offers fantastic insights into new bar and restaurant openings, from Manhattan to Brooklyn and beyond. As a subscriber to the daily newsletter for the past two weeks, I have made note of countless hotspots to check out this summer. However, despite the allure of running into a Ranger (you may not know, but I've been a die hard fan since the days of the enormous and amazing Jeff Beukeboom), no newsletter sparked my attention quite like this one. For us recessionistas, BYOB options are oh so critical. Add in some sushi, and I am so totally sold. Assuming I can find the place, I'll post some pics, pronto!

So, my summer has ended. I am more than excited to start working on Monday (the nerd in me lives for routine), but will definitely miss my marathon gym sessions, afternoon shopping trips, and midday lunch dates. I've been working like a borderline maniac at P-Fit each week, so in order to keep myself (and my body, ha!) in check, I have become re-fixated with the idea of running in a road race. I have recruited an army of spectators and fellow participants to watch be cross the finish line. I happen to roll with a crows of ex-track stars, hence the fact that they will definitely be able to watch me sprint to my death... or hopefully a nicely chilled water bottle and Cliff bar! The race is a 4-mile hike through Central Park on July 18th, giving me tons of time to prepare and cross-train. I'm pumped! And, of course, I am "only" in the run for the post-party RJ is having afterwards! =)

Happy Weekend!