Sunday, May 24, 2009

a new fixation

With each new chapter of life that I embark on, I tend to become fixated on something, for no reason whatsoever. Maybe it's a coping strategy? Anyhow, with exactly one week to go before I barge in on my third summer as what I like to call NYC's pinkest intern, I can't help but think about investing in real estate. I have issues with renting; I'd rather have something to show for my money... like a fabulous investment piece in -- duh! -- BROOKLYN, BABY! So, here is my plan: while I fully intend to have a summer full of nights on the town and dresses to kill, I'm going to make some serious efforts to save my bread for a down payment, which I hope to make upon graduation, assuming the economy picks up, leaving me with a real job to call my own. Yup. So that's my new fixation. I'm going to read real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran's book for inspiration.

Memorial Day Weekend has been a fabulous one thus far. It started with a G-Town graduation party and road trip/medical school send-off for the ginger-haired genius CO'C, followed by a sailor-filled night of bar hopping and booty dropping in Murray Hill. (Who doesn't LOVE Fleet Week?) Today was a low-key afternoon BBQ at my fellow KR's, and tomorrow brings another group gym extravaganza and tennis tourney!



Anonymous said...

That is a big goal but if it's something you want, having a bit of real estate can be a valuable asset (well, depending on the market apparently). Good luck! Your weekend sounds great.