Saturday, May 16, 2009

Post First Day of Work Celebration!

My fellow bargain-hunting babe, BT, alerted me of a great new sight for us sample sale searchers. Clothingline, a space conveniently located just steps from Penn Station on 36th St. between 7th and 8th, lists its upcoming arrivals on it's very organized website. Conveniently, Ms. Burch will be showcasing her samples from May 31st-June 5th, which falls right in line with my first week at Thomson Reuters! Thankfully, the paychecks will be rolling in in just a few short weeks, putting a blessed end to my approaching brokeness!

On another fashion-savvy note, for the Long Island ladies out there, if you haven't made your way to Coquette in Garden City yet, do so ASAP. BT left with two fantastic frocks, both trendy enough to take you from work to play. The store has an upscale boutique feel, but the sales and styles are completely reasonably priced! With jeans, dresses, tops, accessories and Blair Waldorf headbands galore, Coquette is going to be the definite location of a summer splurge!

Off-topic: At my spur-of-the-moment Saturday afternoon student-rate pedicure, I felt a little daring and painted my nails an opaque baby blue. Insanity or style? I like to think a little bit of both.

Happy Saturday!


The Cape House said...

Ooh, blue sounds nice. Not sure I'd be brave enough...jee, I need to stop being so boring :). A spur of the moment pedicure sounds lovely.