Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We had nothin' but a good time...

Though I now refer to it as the dungeon, back in high school, the local library was home to several three-hour-long chunks of my week. As a seasoned “page,” which is just fancy library speak for “librarian’s assistant,” I answered phones, shelved books, organized materials, and, generally fought for my sanity between the stacks of silence. If not for my amazing coworkers, KW and KR, I would have jumped off the 2nd floor balcony into a pile of oversized non-fiction. No joke. Libraries, as public domains, are serious free-for-alls; the crazies call it home. In the way too many years I was employed there, I witnessed a man with cotton in his ears bathe in the bathroom; a woman scream about the Nazis capturing her children, whose pictures were silkscreened on her oversized beach cover-up, by the way; a man taller than that Asian dude in the NBA scare little children; and a grown Hispanic parade around in a bright pink bicycle helmet. And that’s just a sprinkling of stories!

Anyhow, the point of this library-heavy post is to introduce the evening I had yesterday. Despite our high school and summer jobs in the dungeon known for mousy types and boring people, we definitely know how to have nothing but a good time. And that is exactly what KW, KR, and I did last night while literally rocking out at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre to “Rock of Ages,” the Broadway musical set to 80s glam rock. I jumped out of my chair when Poison’s power party anthem opened the show, ex-American Idol finalist Constantine Maroulis’ sexy voice and killer charm booming throughout the theatre. I swayed my usher-provided lighter (a.k.a. laser pointer) to “Can You Take Me High Enough,” and danced in my chair to “Any Way You Want It.” I sang along with “We Built This City,” and fought from joining the chorus of scantily clad performers during “Wanted Dead or Alive.”

“Rock of Ages” wasn’t the type of show that would leave you speechless; it doesn’t scream Tony and it has very little substance (read: you don't have to think). However, with a few good friends in tow and ushers who deliver cans of Coors Light directly to your seats, it’s by far the most fun way to experience Broadway. If you wanna ROCK, do it up. Tease your hair. Wear spandex. Shed your morals. YEAH!


Shals said...

hahhaha "shed your morals"