Friday, August 14, 2009

5 Things That Make Me Happy RIGHT NOW!

1. This picture. I like to think of my cousins LM and (another!) KR -- the absolutely precious duo to my left and right -- as KRs in Training. They already know that pink and green ensembles are the no-fail way to dress for any occasion. On another note, this dress, which Uncle M teased me for wearing due to its "Easter egg adornment," and which Mother Hen calls a muumuu, is the previously discussed vintage find at Cheap Jack's. Muumuu or not, I love love love it and always enjoy wondering which fabulous female brought life to it before I did.2. The ruffles! The pink! The sash! The silk! The brightness! The ruffles (again)! The fact that this dress has shipped! Impulse buy or not, this pink number from Rugby caught my eye long before it graced the sale section, which makes the purchase that much sweeter. Though I go bananas for just about every combination of pink and green, I can't say these espadrilles do it for me, exactly. I think some black pumps and minimal jewelery would suffice instead.
3. The fact that my weekend will be spent lakeside, tanning (burning?) on a dock, listening to throwback tunes, sipping cocktails, flipping cups, riding in tubes, and relaxing like it's my cushy job.
4. My pending departure from New York to Massachusetts. While I will forever prefer the Empire State to the land of the Red Sox and their obsessive fans, Stonehill is my second home. Despite the far too amazing summer that's beginning to reach its final chapter, I've begun to long for my alternative residence, and look forward to my final year as a college student.

5. It's T MINUS ONE WEEK TO SWAGFEST. SWAGFEST '09 deserves its own entry. Stay posted for a summary of what's in store next Friday.