Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"My parents are immigrants."

No, not my parents. Mine are definitely of the Irish-American persuasion. However, if you’re in the market for another blog to add to your reel of daily procrastination and relaxed perusal, check out “Pieces,” a recent creation of the sassy SA, the Indo-Rican princess who wants you to “forgive [her] for…fragments and run-on sentences. [She doesn’t] know any better; [her] parents are immigrants.” (Excuse the brackets.) I’ve known SA for many moons, and let me tell you a-something: modeled around the idea that its author can provide “pieces” of her life, rather than the whole cake (since, like eating an entire cake, that would just make you sick), this online musing will sate your blog-reading appetite with hearty scoops of blunt commentary, iced with rants and sprinkled with stream of consciousness. Enjoy!


Shals said...

thank you my dear :) haha and i love your comments! i need to spend some more time on this site and figure out how it works so i can be as proficient as you are :)

ML said...

aww! shals you beat me to it. i want to blog.. i just need a good blog title. suggestions welcome :)