Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Like most people, I am yet to stick to a New Year's Resolution. I think, however, that's because -- for students especially -- the year doesn't really start in January. It gears up in September, after going out with a bang in August (a.k.a. SWAGFEST!). So, as I enter my senior year of college (excuse me while I stifle tears...), I have 4 goals that I'd like to achieve:

1. Take advantage of Boston's proximity to Easton. Stonehill is a hop, skip, and T ride from Haaahvahhhd Yahhhddd, but I NEVER take advantage of that. I blame it on being the busiest girl on Easton, MA's gem of a campus, but in all honesty, despite participating in just about everything, majoring in two unrelated disciplines, and socializing more than I should, I do have a few pockets of free time to spare, despite what I say. My goal is to check out a different (non-ghetto) neighborhood of Boston once a month.

2. Pamper myself more! I work hard. I deserve it! Whether it's a monthly pedicure or an all-out spa extravaganza, a monthly indulgence seems about right. (Under this category is also the "stop biting my nails" goal (TMI?), but that's like asking me to never watch Legally Blonde again. It's just not going to happen.)

3. Run a 5k. And a 10K! Thanksgiving morning marks my hometown's annual Turkey Trot. The 5k run benefits a different cause each year, so it's a proactive effort that I think I can achieve. By next summer, I hope to be 10k ready. I know, I know. I'm all talk. We'll see what happens...

4. And my ultimate senior year goal... is to be the Class of 2010's commencement speaker. Lofty? Yes. Attainable? I like to think so! If Elle did it, so can I. I have my pink dress all ready!