Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Blog about Blogging

Swine is to Mexico as blogging is to my friends: contagious. Yesterday evening, while chowing down on Long Island’s best Sicilian pizza known to hungry man, amidst discussions of frozen cocktails, ruffly dresses (to buy or not to buy?), and boots that would make John Smith swoon, the island crew and I constantly retreated to the topic of blogging. Blog reading extraordinaire ML is set to go once she finds a title that speaks to her. RJ’s musings on life as a teacher in NYC’s public school system (Read: “Today, I dodged three bullets while making the three-block sprint from school to the L train. Oh, Bushwick! You never fail to keep me on my toes.”) are a work in progress. Fashionista AC will keep us all fierce, ferosh, and fabulous with the fashion blog she should have been keeping long before she debuted this necklace that is way too wonderful for words.

After mulling over Monday’s post on the importance of keeping in touch, I couldn’t help but throw some props at myself for my way of maintaining contact. Despite addictions to Gmail, BBM, texting, phone calls, and Facebook, blogging has become the perfect way for me to add my own flair to communication in our current world that’s flooded by impersonal social networking. On a more academic note, blogging helps to maintain the steady flow of creative expression that is so crucial for English majors such as myself. Banging out a 12-pager come Fall doesn’t sound so daunting after my summer of – albeit fluffy, mindless, and sometimes unintelligent – prose. Professionally speaking, the CEO of Thomson Reuters keeps a blog (at his own domain, of course), so I like to think I have something in common with a man whose yearly income could buy me all the Brooklyn brownstones in the borough. His posts, though infrequent, allow amazing insight into the mind of truly powerful man, while showcasing his other roles of husband, father, and friend. It makes the man with the corner office seem like a “real person,” which is hard to grasp sometimes in Corporate America.

I highly recommend starting a blog. Aside from gaining personal satisfaction at your cyber accomplishment, you’ll improve your writing, strengthen your relationships, and enjoy the cathartic experience of “bearing all.”