Thursday, August 13, 2009

Have Mercyyyyyy

What would Uncle Jesse do on a rainy New York Thursday? Why, he would stand in the rain and snap pictures of his alter ego, John Stamos, of course! After a summer of celebrity sightings ranging from Chet of the Real World Brooklyn to my girl Jill Zarin, spotting John Stamos in Bryant Park this afternoon was the icing on the cake. Granted, it wasn’t a coincidental run in; rather, he was promoting his role as Albert in the upcoming “Bye, Bye Birdie” as a part of Broadway in Bryant Park. (Make sure to check out the interview. There’s a good chance my frizzy hair may pop into a few shots.) While squeezing into the press area, cramming myself in amongst other 20- and 30-something digicam-snapping women, I couldn’t help but feel like a legitimate groupie. (An impromptu chorus of “We love you Conrad, oh yes we do…” would have been the perfect audition for “Teenage Girl #3” in the musical itself!) I am certainly no John Stamos groupie. However, the man was ATTRACTIVE, despite being the size of my pinky! His famous hair is also THAT GOOD in person. (He had a personal entourage of umbrella holders. God forbid he frizzes!)

As I stood less than an arm’s length away from the man made famous for Elvis impersonations and Uncle-ly advice to the Olsen Twins, I couldn’t help but think back on how “Full House” really defined my childhood TV experiences -- from Michelle’s “Flintstone’s” themed birthday party that got spoiled by the birth of her twin cousins, to Stephanie’s first make-out soiree, to DJ’s rejection from Stamford, and of course, to Uncle Jesse’s famous cries of “Have Mercy!” Years later, with reruns that are yet to stop, “Full House” never fails to amuse me – though for new reasons now. Witnessing actresses in the prime of their innocence – before bouts with anorexia, methamphetamine addictions, and radical evangelist commentary on Christian websites – while knowing where they end up makes sitting back with San Francisco’s famous family all the more enjoyable. I kind of hope ABC Family will marathon all 193 episodes sometime soon… That was some quality TV!