Wednesday, August 26, 2009

can't hold us down

This post title is very unrelated. It's been a slow few days. Listening to some throwback Christina Augilera (ft. Lil' Kim) has been the most exciting thing I've done since rolling back to Stonehill. As a member of the hoity-toity "Executive Board," I am privilege to moving in a week early, but I have got to say, moving in to an empty campus is not all it's cracked up to be. While lugging in (um...multiple) under-the-bed bins dedicated to shoes alone is a bit easier without a crowd competing for the single staircase, sitting alone in an empty house, bored to an extreme, neutralizes the situation. My house is normally loud, crazy, and full of personality -- but not when I'm here by my lonesome! I miss having a campus filled with smiling faces and friends! Here's what I've done to pass the time so far:

1. I ordered "wall decor" on, where a $4.98 sale just had to be taken advantage of. I decided to depart from the traditional fashion advertisements that usually color my wall, and opted for a "metropolitan" theme. My walls need some lovin'. Pictures to follow when the posters are hung.

2. I ordered the hard-to-find recording of The Rocky Horror Show that JB, the other KR, and I have a crazy obsession with -- an obsession that's just about as strange as the show itself, "sweet transvestites" and all.

3. I ordered a CHI flat iron for my new 'do. I joke that my hair lady gave me a "boy" haircut, though it's really just a classic bob. She's fabulous, but went a little too enthusiastic with the shears. Oh well. It will grow!

4. I did my Student Government thang, socialized with whose around, and laid out to catch some rays.

In short, I've done just about nothing worth blogging about -- unless virtually swiping my credit card counts. Tonight, I plan to curl up with my Mad Men DVDs, which arrived at the most opportune moment yesterday afternoon! I miss NYC. I miss my job. I miss my friends. =(