Monday, August 17, 2009

color blocking

It's 10:29 PM. For a lazy bones like me, it's quite late for a weeknight. Though I think that makes my "midnighting" as a temporary fashion blogger a little more valid. Plus, it's my last week of work, and "tying up loose ends" takes little to no effort. Saying good-bye to my summer family will be the hardest chore of all. But let's get down to business here. With Swagfest approaching shortly (stay posted!), I need to build up a bank of sleep and an 11 PM entry to dreamland is the latest I can handle.

This evening, in between a train ride to Mineola and a scrumptious salad from La Bottega (it's Long Island's Sicilian gem!), AC, KW, and I attempted "mission: dress" at Coquette and Bloomingdales. I've always enjoyed the trendy dresses and boutique feel of Coquette, despite never having swiped my credit card. Tonight, however, all previous window-shopping-only habits changed when I couldn't help but indulge in this color block dress. It's casual enough to wear to class, dressy enough to wear to a nice dinner, and comfortable enough to nap in. My newest closet addition is this pictured dress' white-topped sister. I love me some NYC, but when it comes to wearing black, I do so as infrequently as Blair Waldorf exits her mansion without wearing a headband.

The color blocking trend, which I first read about in Cosmopolitan this morning, while hiding the girlie mag's raunchy headlines from my fellow commuters on the LIRR (don't judge me!), continued into our soirée at Bloomingdales, where the lovely KW settled for an Aqua dress in the style of this number right here. Her selection is much nicer, though, pairing a dark navy with a crazy printed skirt that would make Jackson Pollack proud. I'm a definite fan of this trend and can't wait to pair some cute ballet flats with my new little lady!