Monday, August 3, 2009

countdown to moving out?

I figured that an afternoon stroll through the Brooklyn neighborhoods I hope to call home mere months from now was the perfect way to christen my bodacious new rain boots, so Sunday afternoon, without a care in the world, I armed myself with an umbrella and took on the monsoon for a hike through Fort Greene, Boerum Hill, Downtown Brooklyn, Cobble Hill, and Brooklyn Heights. With no map in hand, I relied on my non-existent fear of talking to strangers for directions, and made may way to Fort Green Park, my first destination, in no time. Stopping in an indie artist’s outdoor art show that was unfortunately rained out (there was supposed to be live music!) before making my way in and out of the side streets, I snapped too many pictures of the beautiful brownstones that dot the neighborhood. I have a serious obsession with the charming and character-filled houses, and would potentially sacrifice a healthy lifestyle for a diet exclusively of Cup o’ Noodles if it meant I could boast a brownstone address.

Moving on from Fort Greene, I powerwalked through Boerum Hill and Downtown Brooklyn (eh…), bound for more brownstones. Taking a break to dine at Osaka, the Cobble Hill sushi eatery that is usually packed due to its gorgeous outdoor seating and to die for lunch special, I recharged, dried off, chowed down, and prepared for more mindless wandering through the bricks. Somehow, five hours had already passed when I found myself on the Columbia Waterfront, gazing off at the Statue of Liberty, totally envious of the property that borders it. What a life… Best of all, after I got over my jealousy, I booked it to Clark St., where a 12 minute subway ride wizzed me back to Penn Station as I prepared to re-enter reality. I can only handle so much mindlessness!

While my Brooklyn extravaganza took up an entire lazy Sunday, the rest of my weekend was also of the relaxing variety. In need of some detox, I spent my Friday night doing some friendly bonding without ever leaving CO’s life-altering recliner. No joke. Despite the packed room, I could feel my eyes start to close before 11 PM, and for the first time in what has to be years, I was in bed before midnight on a Friday. After relishing in my surplus of sleep, I spent my Saturday sun-soaking in H-Ton with BT before KR’s BBQ. We flipped some cups like the champs that we are before making it another early night. After this non-stop summer, I really needed some extra time to get my life back in order. With just three short weeks to go before I bid farewell to Thomson Reuters, it's hard to believe how much I need to squeeze into the next few days of summer: morning mimosas in Upstate New York, kayaking off the coast of B-Port, an evening performance of "Rock of Ages," thrice-weekly happy hours, hotel stays in the heart of the city...