Saturday, August 14, 2010

Those shoes are cute!

Last night's annual R Family Pub Crawl was a raging success. While we didn't do too much crawling, we certainly kept Ulysses in business, taking over our own section of the cobblestone street and populating it with my favorite Irish lads and lassies. And, to top it all off, some of my favorite coworkers joined for the evening and laid down all kinds of charm on my relatives! The overdose of dudes must be what I get for working at the intersection of the finance and technology industries... No complaints, though!
Post-crawl, while taking a morning stroll through Park Slope en route to brunch, I passed by a girl, who looked not much older then me, leafing through a magazine while staffing a mini-clothing sale outside her apartment. "Cute shoes," I said to RJ as we passed by. "And cheap, too," she responded. And what do you know--the Brooklynite happened to be clotheshorse and fashion blogger Jessica Schroeder of one of my favorite blogs, What I Wore. As inhabitants of the same city, I've always wondered if we'd ever run into each other... so voila! She was just as adorable as she is on the site, AND complimented me on my dress!

I'm spending my Saturday back in Queens, enjoying the beautiful breeze that's floating through the borough! Have a great weekend everyone. :-)