Sunday, August 29, 2010

Taking a Walk Back a Few Decades

Last night, to celebrate [the other] KR and KW's return from grad school, BL and I joined them for another bar hopping extravaganza in the East Village. Starting our festivities at Prof. Thom's (it's becoming a favorite) and bouncing around in between, we ended up at Beauty Bar, a 14th St. beauty parlor turned bar. The charm of the salon was still there--you can even get manicures in between cocktails! Best of all, the back of the "parlor" has a very trippy dance floor, where we broke it down to Madonna classics alongside a most creative cast of characters. We looked a bit out of place amongst the crowd of spiky haired hipsters, but raged nonetheless! Beauty Bar, I'll be back.

Today, cousin MR and I are going to the Brooklyn Museum's Andy Warhol exhibit--how cultural! Stay tuned for a review.

And finally, who is rooting for GLEE during tonight's Emmy Awards? I AM!