Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fall is in the Air

More so than January 1st, the onset of fall has always been a time of fresh starts in the vida loca of KR. The gorgeous weather that we've been having here in New York has me especially psyched about all that the changing season has to offer. Here are a few things that have me itching for September:
The never-ending amazingness of metallic footwear! I spied these Toms on KB while on the Cape a few weeks ago and would have totally stolen them had she not been my roomie for the weekend!
Colored tights make me insanely happy--I loved them even before the Gossip Girl gang made them a wardrobe staple. We Love Colors has, by far, the best selection of bright tights I've ever seen. But the question remains: are colored tights ever office-appropriate? Hmm...

Getting back in the swing of yoga! Not that it's an excuse, but this heatwave of a summer was a bit much to spend 90 minutes a week sweating up a storm while downward dogging in a 100 degree room. Now that it's fall, I can look forward getting some zen back in my life... starting today!