Sunday, August 22, 2010

Do Not Be Deceived by My Tan.

Disclaimer: my summer has involved far less beachy keen afternoons than this photo's sunkissed deception suggests. One thing it was not lacking in, however, was midnight pizzeria trips. Honestly, is there anything better than that delicious slice you chow down on while gallivanting between destinations on a Saturday night?!

Last night, after playing socialite at 230 5th, pretending that my $15 bellini was not the wallet-killing monster that it turned out to be, SA, BL, EK, JT, LS and I did some serious hopping around the city, hightailing from the frat-infested Murray Hill to the hipster-centric East Village, where our pit stop at Artichoke provided delightful nourishment to continue the night at New York's ode to Boston, Prof. Thom's. It was an awesome night with awesome friends. :-)

And, in case anyone was wondering, I made out insanely well during my trip to Century 21 yesterday afternoon. I'm telling you, never visit the downtown destination again. The Queens location has all the same stuff--clothes, shoes, and accessories galore--and you don't have to worry about tripping over tourists! Among some other goodies, I scored my first Marc Jacobs dress, which will look absolutely ferocious when paired with some bright tights and black booties come fall!