Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Anything to Chill Out

Dumpster diving has a whole new meaning--and that's coming from someone who totally advocates finding your next big furniture treasure off the side of the road! (Just call it "antique" or "thrifted" and your guests will never know that you actually shoved the end table that's cradling their cocktail into the trunk of your car while sniping it from your neighbor's curb on bulk trash day.)
Would YOU ever go swimming in a dumpster? New Yorkers are diving to new depths (ha, I'm so FUNNY!) to catch a break from the suffocating city heat: they're diving into dumpsters, filled with chlorinated water, along avenues as prestigious as Park! I might just have to check this out, simply to say that, yes, I joined the throng of maniacal Manhattanites for a little Saturday afternoon dip in a dumpster.

Time to break out the bikini... Shield your eyes.


Allison said...

hope u have a spare bikini, you seem to have left your pink one in the bubble...