Friday, April 2, 2010

The Red Behind the Heel

Never did I ever see so many Christian Louboutin pumps in one space than in the Museum of Modern Art Last night. Thanks to [the other] KR's connections, we explored the collections -- from impressionist Monet to insane Marina -- with an open mind. I especially enjoyed the professional splatter paintings of Jackson Pollack and the "conceptual" sculpture installment of fluorescent light bulbs. We also braved what can be called nothing but Marina's exhibitionist exhibition, and left slightly scarred at what we had just taken in. Most viewers strolled through the sites with looks characterized by a perfect mix of disgust and amusement. Definitely check it out. It was quite the experience.

Prior to exploring the cultural haven, I put on my best dive bar face with SA at Nancy Whiskey Pub, a watering hole, just on the brink of Chinatown, home to toothless townies and the occasional New York Law student. Naturally, it was awesome, and we were by far the best dressed dames in the vicinity. Holy Thursday served to be the perfect start to my Easter weekend, and with weather like this, I see things getting better by the hour!