Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tres Cray

When it comes to art, the weirder it is, the more I like it. While I wasn't a huge fan of those orange gates that set up shop in Central Park way back when (mostly because anything orange -- with the exception of clementines -- makes me gag), I was a huge fan of Mr. Eliasson's display of waterfalls throughout New York's waterways. Bizarre? Yes. Amazing? Absolutely. While I appreciate the classic beauty of Degas's prima ballerinas and the magnificence of Michaelangelo's Statue of David, I am far more amazed by the color concoctions and artful rule-breaking of Picasso and van Gogh. After a pretty trippy daze through Amsterdam's ode to van Gogh, and an equally psychedelic walk through London's Tate Modern (never did I think hanging, flattened metal objects could look so COOL!), I adopted a great love of modern art... but that is not to say that I indulge in my love as much as I should.

Until now.

My fellow KR, a current employee of New York's Museum of Modern Art, worked her magic to obtain tickets for our posse of culturally savvy guys and gals to attend "MoMA Night" this Thursday. Each first Thursday of the month, a legitimate shindig goes down, and we will be there, dressed to impress and ready to take in the bizarre. I'm not kidding -- the naked people exhibit is in town. And it just so happens that a seminar on Picasso will be taking place at 7:30!

Oh, and did I mention that champagne will be served?

Love and being cultured,