Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st is a great day!

1. I'm wearing a new outfit that's pretty freaking ferocious. My red tights, black dress, leopard cardigan, and gold blinging anchor necklace (courtesy of the cheapo costume jewelery bin at Forever 21, thankyouverymuch) have awarded me several ego-boosting compliments, which is just what I needed to pick me up on this excruciatingly busy Monday! It's also a very out-of-character kind of ensemble, so I feel like a new woman. Ka-pow!

2. The GLEE TOUR HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED. Just five days after I hold my college diploma, I'll be rocking to "Don't Stop Believing" and the monster mash-ups of "Halo/Walking on Sunshine" and "Confessions/It's My Life" alongside the twirling and belting collection of Fox's fabulous divas. And divos.

3. SUGARLAND IS PLAYING IN MASSACHUSETTS just two days before I bid my New England residence farewell. While I'm not really one for country, this Texas twosome is the anomaly in my iTunes. The concert will serve as a perfectly sentimental ending to the Stonehill era.



ML said...

glee tour is exciting news. however, the nyc dates are friday and saturday of MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND. poor choice. the chances of me being on cape cod are like 98%.

Ashley said...

see you sooooon bbg!!!

NB said...

have i told you i met and hung out with sugarland in nashville?

and i hate country.