Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Free cone day at Ben and Jerry's is like music to my ears. Until 8 PM, relish in the deliciousness of some Half Baked, Chunky Monkey, or Phish Phood, and watch the rain seem to disappear! I've been reading about the contractual consideration necessary to legally enforce promises (you've probably stopped reading by now...), and with a monsoon of rain spoiling the gorgeous view out my window (ha. hello parking lot...), some sugary goodness is just what I need to get through the studying! Move fast, though! The deal becomes no deal in six hours...

However, as much as I'd seriously love some ice cream right about now, I must resist the temptation for two reasons: (1) I'm actually pretty cold, and currently bundled in my Wicked Good Mocs and a North Face fleece. Ice Cream wouldn't help. (2) After my first viewing of "Dancing with the Stars" yesterday night, I've resorted that my new dream is to look like Edyta Sliwinska, and ice cream would seriously not help that!

Impossibilities aside, I might have to add DWTS to my TV repertoire, which, at the current moment, is home to only one guilty pleasure hour spent watching Gossip Girl. Honestly, how can you not watch when Buzz Aldrin is a contestant?! I'm sending lots of positive thoughts in the way of the astronaut!