Saturday, March 20, 2010


Aloha! As a house home to two March birthdays, Stonehill's Quincy made the most of the incredible sunshine to celebrate Hawaiian style. Our luau was a success, complete with pink and green balloons, a floating school of fish, and a plethora of palm tree pin-ups. We thought of the night as our "second shot" at Spring Break! Today's weather was no different. The 75 degree temperatures turned Stonehill into a college catalogue in the making: there couldn't have been more students playing frisbee on the quad. I, however, preferd the combination of gossip magazines and beach blankets. Sunning and lounging made for a fabulous Saturday afternoon. Here's hoping that this weather lasts! In the time being, though, enjoy this little picture of AR and I from last night's festivity. She rocked some florals while I wore my colorful lei. We're some stylish sisters, wouldn't you say?!