Monday, March 1, 2010

30% off at J.Crew!

With the season of sun dresses just a ray of light around the corner, now is the perfect time to load up on the billowy, cotton frocks that make spring the perfect season for brights and pastels. But why limit color to just dresses!? J.Crew is offering 30% off its sale items today, and this coral schoolboy blazer adds an unexpected feminine flair to a the jacket's traditional navy.
This butterscotch variety, though a member of the neutral party, is also quite wonderful, and would look perfect paired with the season's must-have chambray shirt trend, which, I might add, I bought into this weekend for a mere $9.95 at H&M! Clearly, I couldn't resist these two jackets, either. While they weren't less than ten dollars, they're perfect for looking professional while staying warm in the subterranean temperatures caused by an office's overload on central air conditioning.
I also welcomed this halter dress into my closet. I bid farewell to my go-to white number last summer, and was in desperate need of filling the void. Naturally, when anything is less than $50 at J.Crew, it's a steal, so when something drops below $30, as in the case of this piece, you can't help but add the item to your virtual shopping cart and start daydreaming about which gold sandals will add the perfect bit of a Grecian edge to the otherwise uneventful fabric. I bought these while clearing out the Tory Burch outlet in San Marcos, Texas back in October, and I think they're they perfect match!

Here's hoping my new goodies arrive in time for the cruise! Happy Monday!


Allison said...

this was one of my options for a graduation dress...except i paid (i mean mom and dad paid) $98 for mine...