Wednesday, March 3, 2010


On this Wednesday, I have just a few words for you marathon runners out there: you absolutely amaze me. During my excruciating training for the mere 5k I'm running on March 21st (a Stonehill-sponsored race to benefit Haiti!), I banged out 2.5 miles on the treadmill last night and felt as though I'd been to hell and back after I essentially collapsed off the machine upon completing the dreaded distance. How in the world do you run 26.2 miles without stopping?! I just don't get it! My training involves two "long" (for me, at least) runs while I'm on the cruise next week, and something tells me that with parasailing and poolside drinks calling my name, they'll be especially painstaking...

Oh well. All in the name of a hot bod, right?! HA.

Love to all, especially those of you who join me in the "jiggly" club,



ML said...

i'm doing a half marathon in may! i'm already tired of running so much and i'm only doing like 5-6 miles right now... so we'll see how this goes
good luck with the'll do great!
p.s. see you soooo soon