Tuesday, April 6, 2010

snip snip

Here's a little question that I'm sending into the universe on this lazy Tuesday evening, filled with failed attempts at completing a paper on instances of insanity in Dracula (um...lots?) and finishing seven homework questions on the liabilities of third party beneficiaries in employment contracts. (Actually, that second part didn't make sense. Bah.) Back to topic: for those of you who rock bangs, have you ever given your 'do a little snip snip in between trips to your coif guru? My hair grows pretty fast, so my wispy forehead fringe has turned into a side-swept style a little faster than I expected.

Am I preparing myself for disaster?!


Shals said...

DO IT! I cut my hair all the time in high school and I still cut the front strands every now and then to make it look more angled. Just be really careful and ALWAYS cut longer than you think you might want because (1) your hair will shorten when dry, obvi, and (2) you can always keep cutting it shorter bit by bit, but if you do a big snip all at once and it's too short, you'll regret it. But hey, if you do mess up you can always pin it back!

Lisa said...

i do it all the time kait. i didn't trust people in pennsylvania to do my hair so i sure as hell don't trust the kittians! i just follow the line of my bangs as best i can and never take a whole lot off, just enough to get me to the next haircut. don't get scissor happy =)