Monday, April 19, 2010


In a past life, I had a job that was far less glamorous than I'd like to highlight. To fund my delightful shopping addiction back in high school, I worked in a library. That's right. A library. I shelved books, made phone calls, organized whatever could be organized, and processed new additions to the land of the Dewy Decimal System, all to fund my high school affinity for cable knit sweaters, fancy hair ribbons, and pop-able collars. As I'm sure you can tell, it wasn't an overly fabulous gig. However, the place had its perks. Never did I ever have such wonderful access to BOOKS. It was during one excursion through the "discarded" book room that I made my first contact with the iconic ode to preppiness, a how-to guide titled an unironic The Official Preppy Handbook. And what do you know? That 1980s classic has a sequel coming out in the near future, which I clearly plan on adding to my collection.

Even better, though, is the fact that my fabulous Business Law instructor, the wonderful Professor E.S.V., cut out an editorial from the Boston Globe to alert me of this new book! HA!