Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Life Plan?

My favorite blog of the moment -- but that's not to knock this one and this one -- is of the travel variety. Freelance journalist Krsitin Luna's "Tackling the Globe" is a wonderful collection of anecdotes, photographs, and advice on how to -- you guessed it! -- tackle the globe. With posts outlining things from the beautiful faces of Rwandan children to images of sunsets on several different continents, the site has sparked an intense interest in me to pack up and explore the world with nothing but good walking shoes, sunglasses, an awesome camera, and a courageous sense of adventure to keep me company.

I'm not kidding, though.

So I've got this plan: the next time life hits me with a commitment-free month, I'm going backpacking. BY MYSELF. Because if I don't see the world now, when will I?! The best vacation of my life was when I flew solo to Italy during my self-made Thanksgiving break while studying abroad in Canterbury. The Euros may not appreciate the heartiness of a 2,000 calorie meal of Turkey, stuffing, and turnips (and we wonder why they're so skinny...), but I sure appreciated them as I trekked from Rome to Venice over the long weekend, relishing in the comfort of having nothing and no one to hold me back from my explorations.

Who knows when this commitment-free month will arise... but when the time comes, you can bet that I'll jump on it and blog my way from Morocco and Mykonos!