Friday, April 23, 2010

What's in your closet?

The baracade to my closet is definitely more of an organized mess than my desk: a black Jackie cardigan from J.Crew, a lei, a towel, a bubble umbrella, and a shirt I borrowed from the sis are the current adornments upon the door. In college dorms, you just have to use all the space you've got. Hence, my closet door is my towel rack, dressing stand, and umbrella holder. Nifty, right? The closet's contents, though, are a whole other beast! Obviously, you know that my leopard obsession is not to be messed with. This jungle fever shoe rack was my best TJ Maxx purchase of this season, and helps to organize what has turned into a complete shoe overload. You could say that there's probably no need for me to have two pairs of seemingly identical pink flats, but come on... they are definitely not the same color pink, and are therefore totally different adornments for my tootsies. ;-)

But ultimately, the only logic to my closet is that button-downs go on the left, and blazers on the right. Seamless.