Thursday, April 22, 2010

What's in your desk?

I'm a girl of bad habits, but none of which, however, will ever kill me. Cases in point: I bite my nails, I crack my joints, I procrastinate my homework, and I get distracted by the minutest of topics. The worst habit, though, is my proclivity to losing things just about every hour of the day. My Blackberry, my wallet, my school ID, my keys, my notebooks, my sunglasses, my necklaces, my rings, my pens, my planner, my lip gloss... you name it. I have probably managed to lose just about every not-so-important-but-still-very-necessary item in my life at one point or another. Today, I did some thinking: these missing items usually end up in one of two places, (1) under the lap desk of the computer, or (2) in my top desk drawer.

Oh, the top desk drawer. You are a world of your own.

I am organized... I'm just organized in a way that only I consider organized -- but it works for me... at least when I'm not losing things! My desk, however, is definitely not a zone that should ever be tackled by anyone but myself.
A FlipVideo, a Smith's Rosebud Lip Salve, a ruler, a box of Sweethearts from my Valentine, the case for my aviators, my iPod, costume sunglasses, Tide To-Go, and a Solo cup filled with Shark squirt guns (I'll explain tomorrow), matches from dinner at Becco, two Essie nail polishes... The contents change just as often as my mood -- so pretty frequently!

Welcome to my desk. Welcome to my world. I like to call it "an organized mess."

I hope you enjoyed Edition 1 of "A Look into the Drawers and Beyond the Doors: Behind the Scenes with KR."

Tomorrow, we'll tackle the closet...