Thursday, July 23, 2009


With Thomson Reuters’ midtown office located just a hop, skip, and sprint over the subway grates away from Bryant Park, afternoon dining under the shade of a tree is one of my favorite things about working in Times Square. It’s the perfect way to escape for an hour in the middle of the day, away from work and out of central air conditioning. Today’s park-side lunch, despite the cloudy sky, was especially excellent, as it completely resurrected the theatre nerd within me that flourished during the height of my high school years, in which my live viewings of Rent and Legally Blonde reached double- digits. Broadway in Bryant Park is a precious little afternoon treat. Today’s set made me want to rock out to Rock of Ages, re-add the masterpieces of Wicked to my shower-singing repertoire, and become the nanny to Mary Poppins’ supercala-whatever babysitting charges. With less than a month to go before I resume my role as a Stonehill sasspot, I MUST MUST MUST make my way to the following shows:

Rock of Ages, if only to sing along with amazingness that is a cover of Poison’s “Nothin’ But a Good Time.”
Jersey Boys, if only to relive my first JB experience with my favorite Jersey Girl and fellow blogger, SA.
Hair, if only to [vicariously?] rock some tye dye and bathe in peace, hope, and love.
Next to Normal, if only to feel better about the insanity that is my own life. ;-)

I think it can be done! I’m a slave to TKTS!

In other news, the new Raybans I so fancy are IMPOSSIBLE to find in the flesh. Both Lord & Taylor and the Marquis Sunglass Hut offered to sell me the floor pair, but that so does not fly with me! I plan on making an appearance at the Herald Square and K-Town locations post-work to continue my hunt, as I planned on debuting the new look for my weekend trip to the Cape, where, I must add, the forecast is for a sunny 75 all weekend long!!! Here's to lobster bakes and evenings on yachts... Le sigh!