Tuesday, July 21, 2009

trendy? ha.

As much as I try to be trendy, I always fall back to my old favorites, hence the seersucker explosion that has demolished my room thanks to credit card overload on rubgy.com. Granted, I do get a slight rush when I embrace my inner NB and rock my outrageous brown boots, fresh from a Florence alleyway leather shop, with some sort of crazy scarf, but my comfort will always lie with popped collars that expose tie silk or embroidery and any and all items under the umbrella of prep and pink. This little intro, aside from plugging NB’s new role as a Pronto fashion blogger, is meant to highlight a good post I read on Teen Vogue blog this afternoon. Check it out.

Here’s my commentary: In today’s economy, it is the responsibility of the recessionista to rummage the racks of vintage and thrift stores to sate the desires of the label lover within. In my times and travels, I’ve scoured a few hotspots, braving even the locations known for true homeless chic. Lilly gingham found me at a random Housing Works thrift shop; $10 Tory Burch flip flops were a sight for sore eyes (and feet) after braving a hike to 1st Avenue’s Tokyo 7; a no-name pink flowy number, perfect for days more bloat than bodacious, graced my presence at Cheap Jack’s. While dedicating another Sunday afternoon to thrift shopping this summer, I hope to visit Madison Avenue’s Encore, if only to touch a Chanel bag in the flesh while imagining which Upper East Side hotshot toted the bag in its previous life: the mistress of a high-profile laywer? The spoiled high school junior who is still cursing her failed casting call on NYC Prep? Ruth Madoff? I think that’s the most enjoyable part of a good second-hand piece: it had a life before you. Well, that and a drastic discount! No matter how hard I try to speckle my closet with accessorized ensembles more vintage and Vogue than Vineyard Vines, it’s rarely a successful operation. However, the fun in browsing makes for a tres enjoyable afternoon!

Continuing along the fashion front, I have a growing wishlist that also happens to lie dangerously in a Nordstrom.com shopping bag, tempting me to click "BUY" with each second that passes...

Damn paychecks... They're too tempting!

EDIT: I hit buy...