Tuesday, July 14, 2009

trading babies for iPods?!

Following the “I Saw Jill Zarin” high that never seemed to end (even still, I’m Cloud 9-ing it) was my wonderful weekend on Cape Cod. With the Falmouth sunshine came all the things that color a relaxing weekend, despite the fact that Residence Life forgot to leave me a key for my one-night-only Stonehill stop-over. Now, I love Stonehill just about as much as I love dear Jill, but I do NOT love the night shift secretary who said there was “Absolutely nothing she could do,” about my missing key, and that I, the 21-year-old Irish lass, fresh from nine hours at work and five hours in transit, would have to find another place to sleep. OK, Lady. It’s just about 11 PM, thankyouverymuch. I am stranded on a pitch black, semi-deserted campus that, despite knowing like the back of my hand, should not be the place to set up camp for the night. I showed her, though, and went where no one wants to go: I found a police officer myself and had him personally escort me to my room. No one messes with KR -- especially at Stonehill! Pow.

Moving on from my rant…

Falmouth brought sun and sand for the KR who needed to relax, go carts for the KR who needs to learn to drive, bumper boats and jumpy castles for the KR who needed to embrace her inner kid, team leading and goal setting for the KR who doesn’t know how to relax, kayak excursions for the KR who pretends to be outdoorsy, lobster ravioli for the KR who loves to indulge, and Bruno for the someone who does not want to admit to actually being KR. Sun, sand, and whole chunks of lobstery goodness aside (they were all perfection), Bruno put an uncomfortable (to say the least!) tone on the weekend. If you’re into obscene and excessive male nudity and jokes that cross one too many borders, definitely check it out. If you have any self respect or dignity, however, pop your own kernels and throw in a DVD. You’re missing nothing. All in all, it was an awesome weekend in which we planned in the morning and played in the afternoon. As the leaders of Stonehill’s Student Government, I can confidently say that we’re a diverse and skilled bunch that will definitely work well to make a difference for our school.

Following the non-stop weekend is this non-stop week. Yesterday’s SushiSamba dinner was delectable, and I imagine tonight’s trip to Butter to be so, as well. But spicy tuna and “gorgeous” soups aside, nothing compares to tomrrow’s 7:45 PM activity: HALF. BLOOD. PRINCE. I’ve already warned my co-workers that I’ll be doing laps around the office in preparation. Thursday will leave me time to hit the judgment free zone and run off the 20 pounds I’ve probably gained this summer, but of course that will go to waste, since OF COURSE another one of my friends won a free happy hour at Calico Jack’s.

I’m thinking of subletting a studio next door to the 2nd Ave. gem. Wouldn’t that just make life so much easier?! Psh. In another world...


The Cape House said...

I'm so jealous that you got to spend some time on the Cape. It sounds wonderful, though. How lucky!