Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Duck Under the Punch

My hamstrings hate me, my arms are angry, my legs loathe life, and my quads want to quit -- but all in the name of getting fit! My summer of happy hours and weekend getaways has not been a friend to me where clothing sizes are concerned, so in an attempt to breathe some life back into garments that are approaching the too tight and trashy look of a Jersey Girl’s jeans, I have put myself on a strict exercise regimen for the remainder of the summer, since – let’s be real! – I enjoy thrice-weekly happy hours and restaurant week dinners far too much to “cut back.” Breaking into my collection of clippings from Fitness and Shape magazine, I have been testing out some new moves, designed to “whittle that wasteline,” among other things, in addition to making appearances at P-Fit whenever possible. But gym and magazine moves aside, I have come to love the convenience that stems from a good work-out video. While Denise Austen’s enthusiasm is a tad over the top (“Yeah! You can do it! You’re gonna look GREAT! Keep it up! One more rep! Yeah!”), and Mari Windsor’s possee of Pilate-ing back-up exercisers dangerously jealousy-inducing, Keli Roberts’ Kickbox Bootcamp is far too fabulous to complain about. A DVD of five 10-minute workouts designed to shape and sculpt while burning fat, the program is truly great. Basic Training, Washboard Abs, Ultimate Buns and Thighs, Arm and Shoulder Sculptor, and Fat Burning Blast, the five quick sessions that compile the DVD, all leave me feeling extra energized, albeit dreadfully sore and sweaty. Who doesn’t love getting a serious work-out in just ten minutes? It’s like a fitness miracle. And at a sweet $7.99 on Amazon, buying it is a no-brainer. Plus, with Keli’s crazy kicks and punches, you’ll be armed and ready in your fight stance if an attacker approaches! Pow! Just embrace the “I can’t walk” feeling that will follow. I imagine fitting into the Lilly dress and Joe’s Jeans I purposefully bought too small… Here’s hoping!