Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The additional 25% off sale items at RUGBY today was the distraction I needed to keep me from an eight-hour daydream about Quidditch matches, luck potions, and vicious villains. Three oxfords, one seer sucker top, and one rugby dress later, I’m just a few bucks poorer. The sale is incredible and saved me some big bucks! I am especially psyched for the seersucker top, pictured left, that will be a perfect compliment for white shorts and gold Jacks. After spying and having a subsequent love affair with it’s size two variation down in Union Square yesterday, I never though I’d reunite with the ruffles again, but alas, I will rock them proudly as soon as the package arrives!

Now for the Butter play-by-play:

Appetizer: Shrimp bisque. Whole chunks of shrimp made for a life-changing soup. Yes. Life-changing soup exists.
Meal: Though there were only three, the dandelion and spinach ravioli were filling as anything. Swimming in a parmesan “creme fraiche” sauce, they were nothing but delectable.
Dessert: The richest chocolate cake of my life. Y. U. M.

Upon exiting, the promoters for the Crunch gym across the street offered me a free pass… Oh well. The family and I had a blast, chatting it up and relaxing as if we were on vacay, far, far away from the city, work, stress, and humidity. Mom and Dad felt oh so young among the tables of girlfriend posses and hot twenty-something dates. How precious!