Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Speedy loss to... a Speedy?!

After my yaya weekend of massive bonding by way of poolside chats and aboard-yacht pinot, I am back home in full-swing, feeling fully refreshed, relaxed, and rested, despite the fact that the yaya bonding made sleep an essential non-occurrence. In between beach towel yoga, underwater photographs, shopping dates in Chatham, and over-easy eggs washed down with big gulps of chocolate milk, my dear friends AC, ML, and I formed what we like to consider a weight loss system that is far more effective than crash diets and overdone exercise: the secret to sexified success is simply the support of your friends! In a motivated discussion that took place as we departed the Cape, monsoon (a.k.a I-95) bound, we made a little road map to our dream sizes. The map features three “mini” stops along the way that reward each time we reach minor milestones. (A facial, a massage, a bonus pedicure, a sushi date… The list is endless!) Then, once we reach our final “destination,” we will reward ourselves with the dream purchase of our choice. AC’s is a chic LV Speedy. Mine and ML’s are TDB, but the Speedy sounds nothing but dreamy… So far, in its two-day trial (hehe) the system has been tres effective. Picturing myself enjoying a delightful massage makes a decadent chocolate treat seem far less appetizing; an extra chip too greasy to touch. It makes an extra five minutes on the tredmill of death a bit more lifelike; waking up 30 minutes earlier for an AM run worth the while.

Chic shapes and chicer bags, HERE WE COME.


Her Preppiness said...

That's a great system