Thursday, July 9, 2009


If you’re one of my loyal readers, you might recall an older post that detailed the “famous” people I’d like to meet. It was a pathetic list ridden with reality stars, but a list that brought me joy nonetheless. SO. This afternoon, while booking it down 43rd Street by way of 7th Ave. while wearing my favorite ruffly green top, black capris, and sky high pink heels (I was feeling colorful), who do I cross paths with but Woodmere’s most famous redhead: the hottest housewife of the Upper East Side, JILL. ZARIN. Strutting in black pumps, a black skirt suit, and gi-normous black sunglasses, the unmistakable red locks disabled the Bravo star’s attempt at disguise soon enough for me to literally stop in my tracks and stare the woman down. The tiny little thing walks like a true New Yorker at a pace so fast that you’d never know that her heels were elevated four inches above the ground. It was the best three seconds of my week, which says a lot after yesterday’s epic-in-length Happy Hour. Now I can only hope that the Twitter-addict doesn’t tweet something like, “Some starstruck girl in fluorescent footwear looked at me like I had eleven heads while I was walking towards Times Square this afternoon.” Keep your fingers crossed.

Of course, upon seeing her, I proceeded to BBM, call, and carrier pigeon anyone and everyone who would appreciate my sighting, which thankfully happens to be the majority of my security blanket’s phonebook. Squealing to AC and KR and JB and SA that I SAW JILL ZARIN did not help me make friends as I headed towards UBS to dine with BT and friend. People looked at ME like I had eleven heads. But I don’t care. I SAW JILL ZARIN. Next mission: TALK to her. Shopping trip to Zarin Fabrics, anyone?

I’m Stonehill bound in a few hours and absolutely can’t wait. Have an amazing weekend, everyone!



Suz said...

Love, love, jealous in many ways...and mostly that you were visiting Stonehill, please invite me next time. I live here in Franklin Lakes and have yet to see Caroline Manzo at the Market Basket or the Indian Trail Club...yet you see the queen of the housewives in a city of multi-millions...and tres jeal. I am in for shopping at Zarin FABrics.
xo, S