Thursday, July 2, 2009

broad stripes and bright stars

With a weather forecast that predicts more sun for the 4th of July weekend than June saw altogether makes me happy as a clam for the upcoming celebrations the next few days will hold. Tonight marks the long awaited R family pub crawl. But best of all, after far too many sprints back to Penn Station after nights on the town, I need not worry about catching a train before the dreaded 4:14 AM choo choo. It pays to have relatives with hotel connections: the young and fabulous members of the R family will be shackin’ up in Midtown Manhattan for the night! This marks my first official slumber on the New York island I dream of calling home some day. With festivities that begin at 5 PM, I already foresee the day dragging a bit, but am confident that the evening will make up for it!

With back-to-back barbecues for the rest of the weekend, I won’t have as much time to dedicated to crucial weekend errands, such as catching up on Weeds and organizing my shoe collection. (HA.) I can’t complain, though. I will be rocking the aviators, sitting in the sun, and celebrating anything and everything my favorite summer holiday is about!

…and that is a perfect transition to my next topic of discussion: my current outfit. After weeks of waiting, I am finally rocking my new Vineyard Vines white button down that is accented on the cuffs and collar with flag-printed silk. I had to save it for the special occasion. With red shoes to match, I feel like Betsey Ross. How friggin’ patriotic is that? God Bless America. Make sure to rage the weekend away.

PS, this was my 99th post. Yowza!