Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wild for the Warewolf

Before Bill [Compton] and prior to [Robert] Pattinson, there was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Remember when they did that musical episode?! SOOOOO freaking good.) And on that show was a warewolf. His name was Oz. He had a brief love affair with Willow the Witch. I don't remember anything else, though. Truth be told, that show seriously freaked me out. But anyhow, this post is not about vampires, wiccans or wareweolves: it's about the fact that Oz's real life namesake talked to ME today. ME!

That's right, folks. I, KR, met the one and only Seth Green.

We met at Artichoke Pizza in the East Village at approximately 4:30 PM. He, in all his 5'5" glory (damn, is he short!), walked by a neon pink and green sunglass-wearing brunette, said "Excuse me," and went on his merry way into Alphabet City.

That neon pink and green sunglass-wearing brunette was (well duh) me, in my own 5'5" glory (All my other normal looking sunglasses were MIA. NBD, though. I was below 14th Street. No rules!!!!). To his request, I obviously moved out of the way, too star struck to even mutter a charming, "Anything for you, Seth."

It was the best early bird special of my life.


Lisa said...

mmmmmm artichoke pizza AND seth green! nice =)