Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Idolizing Boots

The feelings I have for these boots are unlike any feelings I’ve ever had for footwear—and I’m not afraid to admit that I have had quite the lovey-dovey obsession with several pairs of shoes before (including but not limited to my Cole Haan Ambrose Air Pumps, my Tory Burch Leopard Print Reva Flats and my Sparkly Gold Toms—swoon!). These bowtied beauties, affectionately dubbed—you guessed it!—Bowtied Beauty Boots by Anthropologie, just might have to make it straight to the top of my gotta, gotta, gotta have list for Fall. Beacause I just gotta, gotta, gotta have ‘em!

Honestly, shoes this cute are as amazingly rare as those Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episodes where Stabler actually dons a policeman’s uniform. And you know how great those episodes are! Which reminds me: stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, in which I compare L&O: SVU to Halloween candy.

I’m not kidding—it’s a scarily accurate analysis. See ya then.