Sunday, October 10, 2010

For the Love of LEOPARD

The Alumni Weekend update is coming. It's typed on my iPad, but my wireless is as cooperative as a terrible two toddler, so no can do for now. Stay tuned. But I'll amuse down another avenue on this gorgeous Sunday. Let's talk about shoes. More specifically, a pair of booties that are itching for an unveiling in the worst way.

Be warned. These babies are as far from your basic black as can be.

Amazing, right?! Mr. Haan is yet to craft a pair of shoes that I don't like. I need to plan their debut carefully. Any ideas? I'm also working on a time to wear my Free People pink tutu skirt. And I'm not talking Halloween. My clothes are as loud as, well, me. So it's just fitting!

In other news, my weekend was wild! Friday marked both JT's birthday bash and MM's return to NYC, so needless to say, the night took us from Irish Rogue (for the Strongbow on tap!) to The Snug (for the extended happy hour and precious name!) to Continental (for their infamous deal!) and finally to M1-5 (for dancing!). Oh, and that last place? It's in Chinatown. Yes. We went out below Canal Street.

Saturday took me even farther into the city, where I dined on wine with RJ and RW in Park Slope!

And finally, to close this one out, here's a pic of me with my gents. Love them!