Sunday, October 24, 2010

23 Candles

I'm really an incredible hostess. This Friday, after failing at "meeting each other on the subway platform" (honestly, trying to find someone in a no cell service zone makes me literally question the world's existence at a time when texting wasn't a communal crutch), SA and I made it back to Queens a few hours later than we planned. So, like the amazing boriqua that she is, my dear pal offered to cook me dinner while I got ready for our night on the town.

Like I said, I'm an incredible hostess: in the time it took for me to shower, dry my hair, apply make-up and pick out an outfit, SA had prepared penne a la vodka with a side of sauteed eggplant and snow peas. And a screwdriver cocktail. All in the name of getting to our destination on time!

In an evening that took us from an apartment party in Harlem, to Jay-Z's 4040 club (never, ever again) and to the Murrary Hill frat zone otherwise known as Mercury Bar, SA and I relished in the LIRR train stoppage which left Manhattan blissfully void of the bridge-and-tunnel crowd... which, alright, I guess we technically belong to deep-down. Oh well. Life begins with L.I.

Saturday brought birthday celebrations for the fabulous KA (pictured here from our senior formal)! We dined at Dos Caminos, drank at Continental and danced at Phebe's. Turning 23 on the 23rd, it was a golden night for her golden birthday, which I was pumped to be a part of. :-)


Shals said...

you are a GREAT hostess for letting me snuggle in your bed with you <3

Shals said...

you are the BEST hostess for letting me snuggle in bed with you <3