Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Swing by Southie

My weekend in Massacusetts, lengthened just a tad by an impromptou business visit to the Boston office of Thomson Reuters (how official!), was made ever more fabulous by my time in the Irish capital of America, where I spent my South Boston Sunday lounging in front of a Netflix-ed disc of Jersey Shore Season 1 (read: when a "situation" was just a striking set of circumstances (not a Twitter-obsessed, muscle-resplendent, abbrev-spewin' fist-pumper), when "t-shirt time" meant bedtime (not the attire compliment to your nighttime shades) and when gym, tanning and laundry were simply your Saturday errands (not the three words that turned a reality TV show into a cultural phenomenon)).

Long due for a catch up with fellow Stonehill grad NL, I enjoyed my day-long veg-out on her incredibly (maybe even frighteningly) comfortable couch. It was the icing on the cake to my first alumni weekend at Stonehill... for which there will be a witty and wonderful re-cap post soon, dedicated to no one but my dear (and extremely charming) pal JW.

Until next time,