Monday, October 18, 2010

Bought Off the Street

While I'm torn if any city besides the Big Apple could ever truly be my permanent home, you can bet that no matter what zip code I settle in, I will decorate with some seriously New York inspired artwork.

And by inspired, I mean bought off the street. You can't duplicate that character-ridden grit while shopping indoors!

Last Sunday, while strolling around Union Square with SA, searching for a ledge on which to enjoy our Artichoke Pizza, we passed by an adorable couple who are the masterminds behind mixed media pieces that merge the magic of my two favorite artists. I'm not kidding: their work looks like something that could only be the offspring of an Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollack union... if that were biologically possible. Check them out
here at Esteban Kremen Art, and in person on the weekends in Union Square. I was particularly mesmerized by any piece that featured the Brooklyn Bridge and definitely plan to splurge soon!