Sunday, October 17, 2010

"I have a tooth to pick with you."

Better late than never... my alumni weekend recap has arrived. Enjoy!

Though yet another pair of my aviators fell victim to Stonehill socialization, I think it was a fitting way to leave my mark on my first alumni weekend. Starting the mini-vacation off with a cruise up I-95 with KA and LR, my former housemates got to relish in the acoustic amazingness of my TI-heavy playlist. Precious Pink bumped tunes the whole way up, setting the stage for what was an awesome and eventful weekend (Oh, for those of you new to this blog, Precious Pink is my iPod. Yes, she really has a name.).

Let's recap in the most KR-appropriate style possible. Let's make a list.

Friday night:

-Quincy house reunion dinner. Lobster was involved. "I'm Too Sexy for My Shirt" was played. Juicy gossip was exchanged. In a nutshell, Cloud 9 was the name of the game.

-Young alumni event. I don't think I've ever given more hugs in such a short span before, and I'm someone who seriously embraces embracing! Dance moves were busted, mango-infused cocktails were drank, friendships were rekindled, old flames were ignited (yeah right) and chats with the chattiest of chatty reminded me why I love Stonehill so much. I also rocked a feroshh (that's an intentional double h) purple dress, oh the insanely still spirited Skyhawk that I am and will always be.


-Quincy Marriott. There is nothing like starting the morning off with a little throwback Kirsten Dunst (pre-rehab and Peter Parker). You know which flick I'm talking about... Does "I'm sexy, I'm cute, I'm popular to boot" ring a bell? Thought so. Yes. We indeed watched Bring It On.

-Stonehill stroll. The new dorm resembles the Ritz Carlton. Now, while I've never actually stayed in the Ritz Carlton, I imagine its luxury is on point with that of Stonehill's “New Hall,” soon to be “KR Hall” if my dreams come true.

-Sports Complex Parking Lot. So maybe our tailgates are a little pedestrian compared to those at the two other Catholic colleges who engaged in a brutal Holy War the same weekend, but I still had a damn good time hopping between cars, exchanging even more hugs like the embrace monster that I am.

The best part of the weekend wasn't the time I went behind the counter of Sweeney's Discount Liquors to take a picture with M, the cashier who was still so kind to give me an employee discount despite that fact that I’m not technically a student anymore. Nor was it the time I watched KA and BC battle it out hula hoop style in the family fun tent. Nor the time JW assaulted me to ensure his photographic presence on this here blog. Nor the time I broke into KA's car to retrieve my Magners and—whoops!—set off the alarm for a good ten minutes as I attempted to hide from the Jeep’s blaring alarm. Nor the time DG thought the phrase “I have a tooth to pick with you” was the proper lingo to express dissatisfaction. Nor the time KA threw down a $100 gift certificate at the Young Alumni Event to treat her old pal to a few cocktails--though that was definitely a close second, obviously!

No, the best part of the weekend was the surprise to top all surprises. JT, who you all know well, my former roomie but eternal partner in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit-watching crime, fresh from a group meeting at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville (which is pronounced Knox-vuhl, I learned), strolled onto campus in the most shocking entrance since Paul McCartney's parlay onto the Shea Stadium stage back in 2008. To say the least, it made for a fabulous Saturday!


-Wagamama. The name says it all. KA and I dined here for old times sake, as we did back when we were UK residents, back when this blog was called "Tales from Canterbury" and back when I subsisted solely on tortellini and Nutella, yet was somehow somewhat (somewhat) skinny. (No joke: that was literally my "study abroad" diet. I clearly had other fiscal priorities while across the pond. Priorities like leather jackets, pashminas and RyanAir flights.)

-NL's. Having pre-arranged a work day at TR's Boston office, I perched on NL's Southie couch all day Sunday, watching Jersey Shore and chowing down on Upper Crust Pizza alongside my dear pal.