Tuesday, April 21, 2009

work savvy attire

Nothing could beat the attire I was permitted to wear as an intern last summer. Flip flops, jeans, and sun dresses (!) were all perfectly permissible. This summer, however, my wardrobe needs some serious investing in two very specific categories:

-HEELS. As much as I have a borderline inappropriate love slash obsession for my Cole Haan babies, I can't really afford the $250+ price tag on my intern salary to invest in another pair. However, I am VERY lucky to have been given this position and do have a bit of money to burn on one or two (or three...) "investment" pairs of COMFORTABLE yet oh so stylish heels. I'm into quality over quality; I'd prefer two (or seven...) great name brand shoes over ten iffy pairs that will fall apart as quickly as Jennifer Aniston's love life. Any suggestions?

It's a very professional atmosphere. We're not talking about daily dons of stockings and suits, but a corporate look is key. It's times like these when I wish I had the mindless ability to throw on pants, a button down, and a tie. But on the other hand, that eliminates the possibility for the fun in creating ensembles. I definitely embrace the versatility of tailored black plants and capris, but want some wardrobe life beyond that. Note that I love color and prints. Any suggestions?

Any tips are much appreciated!


Kelley said...

Bandelino has some pretty comfortable, work appropriate shoes. And, they come with a smaller price tag than your beloved Cole Haans.