Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do This! PLEASE.

The Thomson Reuters StreetApps Challenge has been keeping me tres busy as I crank away the day from atop Times Square. VOTE NOW, or forever hold your peace. It takes .5 seconds.

OK, enough of my shameless work plug... Though I must send a special thanks to NB & SA for being my most rapid voters. You ladies are fab. Much love.

Anyhow, big things are coming up! Yet again, I'm skipping town for the weekend, this time, to -- you guessed it! -- Cape Cod, for another 48 hours of poolside Skinnygirl Margaritas and pub hopping with ML, AC, and company. My "tan" needs a major update from its recent retreat back to its wonderful white, so thanks to the man upstairs for an awesome looking forecast! In the meantime, I have my first Stonehill Alumni Happy Hour to look forward to, in which BT and I will surely represent what it means to be a happening young alumnae.

In other news, I've started watching True Blood... YOWZA.