Monday, July 12, 2010

Taking a Dip

Well hello there! What's cooking everyone? I spent a faboosh weekend back on Long Island, soaking up some rays, dabbling with some errands, and celebrating college graduations with some family. A special congrats to my cousin S is certainly in order. He's bound for Fordham Law this fall, so I'm psyched to have him join me in the big citay come September. But more importantly, his graduation bash was a pool side extravaganza, making it the perfect antidote to the heat wave that's currently wrecking havoc on NYC. Plus, he served up some Firefly-Lemonades, a cocktail that brings me back to my wild weekend at Notre Dame, during which ML and I culminated the festivities by trekking from South Bend, IN to Chicago, IL in less than an hour. Kids, don't try that at home.

Speaking of ML, I'm going to leave you with a recent quote of hers that definitely sums up a puzzling sight to me, as well. And by quote, I mean Facebook status. As it goes, "[ML] wants to know how other girls in NYC can look attractive/non-sweaty & not have frizzy hair at the end of the day in this heat? I've been in awe the past three days of non-wrinkled outfits and smooth hair. Tell me your secrets!!!"

Any miraculous secrets? Help us working girls out!