Monday, July 5, 2010

Skip town? OK.

When a wet and wild weekend for the 4th of July seemed a little bleak, the ultra fab ML came to my rescue. In a fit of intense spontaneity, I booked a bus from NYC to Hyannis just 9 hours before departure time, and spent my weekend permanently perched on a poolside lounge chair at ML's Harwichport summer home. While only two-fifths of the L fam were in town for the Cape's most notorious weekend, we had a blast hopping between bars, beaches, and barbecues. Check out my sweet tan in the picture below--and MB's very awesome beach bun! ;-)In other news, I'm completely enamored with my job! While my free time has gone slightly pouf, I have nothing to complain about. A member of the "Mobility Team," I get paid to play with iPads and Blackberries. It's an exciting and cutting-edge industry that's keeping me interested and occupied--but not as much as my weekly shenanigans! Last weekend's highlight was attending the Veuve Cliquot-sponsored polo match on Governor's Island, an event which got my picture to both Page Six and E! News. I kid you not! When the alluring Prince Harry fell off his horse mid-match, the photogs snapped away, capturing two blushing and beautiful brunettes in the background. Some day, BT and I plan to be the actual subjects of the Page Six photos, but for now, we'll settle for blending into the background.
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Her Preppiness said...

Sounds like a great job and a great weekend.