Friday, July 16, 2010

FLF and more!

Today is a good day—so good, that I’ve almost forgotten about how at 7:26 this morning, just seconds after taking the tiniest sip of my traditional Friday Dunkin’ Donuts unsweetened, extra lemony iced tea, that oh do delicious bevy dropped from it’s extremely secure holster between my knees and the subway seat onto the floor of the M train, splattering all over my favorite jeans, my inherited gold shoes, and a collection of frustrated commuters. No big. I survived.

Today is a good day because (1) it’s FLF here at TR. Fun Lunch Friday, a long-standing tradition, has become the best way to bust into the weekend with a bang. Today, we’re Shake Shack bound. (2) Continuing my obvious obsession with food, today marks my third time dining at Butter for Restaurant Week, which is sure to be an awesome evening. (3) And finally, it’s pay day. Hallelujah.

Happy Friday! I hope yours all go fabulously, too!