Monday, July 19, 2010

Recent [non-]Splurges

Once upon a time, I read between 50 and 100 books each summer. I'm not kidding. I spent the greater portion of my early to mid-teens slaving away at my town's public library, and was always the first to have the hottest new young adult chick lit in my hands for an afternoon of beach-side perusal. I know. I was insanely cool--but not as cool as I am now, when I ride the M train with my B&N Nook. Torn between it and the Kindle, I opted for the cheaper e-reader. Come on--it was a no brainer. Now, I have the company of Kelly Cutrone's If You Have To Cry, Go Outside to keep me revved while trekking my way into Manhattan from my darling Queens. And let me tell you a-something, if you need an awesome, ka-pow kind of book to motivate you through some dark times, check out Kelly's frighteningly blunt memoir. It's fab. And it also makes me reallllly want to travel to India...

Continuing my splurges, I finally bought this bag, which I've been eying on this blog for the past year. It's enormous and well on its way to becoming a bottomless pit, but it's the perfect solution to commuting with a laptop and/or change of clothes, completely in style, and with minimal neck pain.

Next up: an SLR camera... but that'll take some time. Happy Monday!